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Treatment Quantity Fee
Periodontal Assessment
Case presentation and Treatment Planning
Consultation for Dental Implant

Periodontal Treatment

Non-surgical treatment full mouth
(4 quadrants)
€480 - €1,920

Treatment Fee Comment
Periodontal Surgery

Gingivectomy €780 - €1,560 Fee dependent on number
of teeth treated
Resective Periodontal Surgery €960 - €1,200 Fee dependent on number
of teeth treated
Regenerative Surgery €1,500 - €1,740 Fee dependent on quantity
of regenerative material used
Gum Graft €1020 - €1,800 Fee dependent on number
of teeth treated and
materials used
Crown Lengthening €900
€1020 - €1,800
1-3 Teeth
4+ Teeth
Frenectomy €300
Canine Exposure €660
Surgical Extraction €540
Surgical Extraction to Conserve Bone
for Dental Implant Placment
Surgical Extraction of
Impacted Wisdom Tooth
€300 - €540

Dental Implants

Guided Bone Regeneration €600 - €1,200 Fee dependent on whether bone grafting is performed at the time of implant placement or as a separate procedure
Dental Implant Surgery

€1,500 - €1,800

Fee dependent on the type of implant placed
Dental Implant Retained Crown €1,500 - €1,800 Fee dependent on the type of crown

Peridontal and dental implant therapy are eligble for a 20% tax rebate on a MED 2 Form which may be submitted to your local tax office at the end of the financial year. Some treatments may qualify for insurance contribution based on your level of cover.

For further information on tax relief for your dental expenses please go to

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